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Camping Off Grid

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Although camping is all about getting back to nature you can guarantee most people will need some source of power on a typcal weekend away. For a family of 4 that usually means at least 2 smart phones and possibly an Ipad/tablet or other USB powered device.

The little battery packs you get these days are great but we think we have found the perfect power pack to cater for all your off grid camping needs. Firstly the Powerpack 100+ comes in a nice neat little package and weighs just 1.5kg. It provides basic AC and DC electricity from a powerful 150 Watt hour lithium polymer battery and is rechargeable from both gird and solar. The Powerpack 100+ delivers 150 Watt hour of electricity both from its rated 100W AC modified sine wave inverter, high capacity 3 x 12V 15A (total) output and 2 x USB ports (3.1A total) making it ideal to power laptops, fans, LED lights, LCD TV, fanless PC system and charge mobile devices. The Powerpack 100+ is available from our online shop for only £154.99


The Powerpack 100+ can be charged from a solar panel or from the mains using the adapter included. It can also be charged from a 12 volt source such as a cigarette lighter plug. There is a built in LED light and if you want a bit of extra light it is compatible with the NIWA HOME 300.

Powerpack-front-white Powerpack-rear-whiteNIWA USB light


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