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Bell tent stoves

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If you like a little luxury when your camping or you are planning a winter adventure then a wood burning stove will transform your tent into a cosy warm shelter. There are a few tent stoves on the market and after a bit of research we realised that the original and best tent stoves are made by Anevay, and by sheer coincidence they are based just down the road from us in Redruth.

The Frontier Plus Tent Stove

We stock the Frontier and the new next generation Frontier Plus. The original Frontier started life in the humanitarian aid world, providing an essential source of heat and cooking for people in emergency situations. The beauty of the Frontier is it's simplicity and all of it's components pack into the fire box meaning you can take travel with it.

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The ultimate outdoor stove, the Frontier Plus is a portable log burning stove that can be fitted in tents, tiny homes, teepees and cabins or used outside on your deck for adventurous outdoor cooking.

Five flue pieces and the spark arrestor included!

  • Glass door, with airwash system so your glass is kept clear at all times
  • Air vents on door allow for optimum temperature control
  • Adjustable legs
  • 4-inch flue

The ‘bigger brother’ to the cult favourite Frontier Stove, the original portable woodburning stove, the Frontier Plus has a whole host of upgraded features that make using it and cooking on it easy, fun and efficient. Perfect for hardened adventurers and those who’ve never used a stove before, the Frontier Plus makes any camping or outdoor adventure a whole lot more fun


If you are intending to install a stove into your tent please consult a professional first. Cool Canvas accept no responsibility for stoves fitted to one of our tents. It is very important that you use a correct flashing kit. Our flashing kit  uses heatproof silicone for the collar and has been designed specifically for installing into tents.

Obviously a lot of common sense comes into play but there are a few simple rules to follow.

  • Always use a recommended heatproof flashing kit
  • Always get professional advice before installing.
  • Never leave the door open.
  • Never leave the fire unattended.
  • Only burn wood and never coal.
  • If children will be present use a fire guard.
  • Always place the burner on some sort of matt to protect the groundsheet from sparks.
  • Always have a fire extinguisher nearby and use a carbon monoxide alarm.

Online Shop

We have the Frontier and the Frontier Plus in our online shop. The Frontier Plus is £349 and the Frontier is £199. We also have the Horizon Stove which is a rocket stove not to be used inside the tent, this retails at £79. We also have flashing kits and various accessories such as storage bags and spark arrestors to complimentyour stove.

If you need any advice on how to install your stove please drop us an email here

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