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Testing the Horizon Stove

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Horizon Stove

We always feel it is important to know a product before we can recommend it. Therefore we regularly test our products under different conditions and it also gives us an excuse to get outdoors.

So last weekend it was time to test the new Horizon Stove by Anevay. We have recently started stocking the Anevay range of stoves and the Horizon is the smallest. The Horizon is actually a rocket stove which means it burns very efficiently and cleanly, meaning no more smoke in the eyes.

We decided it was best to combine the test with a walk to one of our favourite spots in Cornwall - Kennal Vale. I love the stream running through the woods although Ted did manage to fall in as the last photo shows, taken just after he fell in.

Once we had picked our spot and collected a handful of dry twigs, we got the stove out of it's handy carry bag and loaded the chamber with the twigs. We had brought a couple of pages of newspaper to help get it alight quickly.

Our initial reaction was how quickly it got going. Within a couple of minutes we were loading more twigs into the chamber and it was burning very hot. The great thing with the Horizon is you can load it from the bottom or put the twigs into the top. Obviously you are limited to what size you can use but that does mean they burn quickly so it is best to have a pile ready to keep the fire burning. 

Another great feature of the Horizon is the cage surrounding it, meaning it can still be handled when it is hot, very useful if you realise you are sitting downwind. We didn't actually try cooking on it on this occasion but it you could definitely feel the heat coming off it.

Once we had let it go out and it had cooled down sufficiently we emptied out the ashes and packed it back into the bag. Overall we were very impressed. It is a very neat and simple stove that i can see being used on day trips, camping trips or BBQ's down the beach. It was easy to light and was quickly up to cooking temperature. 

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