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New T-shirts in store

In Aid of ShelterBox Disaster Relief

Our resident designer Antony Ashton has been very busy the last couple of months. Winter is his most productive time as a designer. He sheds his summer coat, his eyes change colour as the days shorten and he is very rarely seen in daylight.

His whole posture changes with increasing hours spent in front of the monitor and conversations are difficult unless you include the words FONT, PIXELS, RGB and ILLUSTRATOR.

His brief was to design a T-shirt that would promote the business but also appeal to customers. We wanted to show the logo but also the feeling of outdoors, camping and adventure. The T-shirts below are the result. We think he translated the brief perfectly!

They are available in the online store in both ladies and mens sizes. We have them in navy and charcoal. We think they are the perfect gift for the tent loving, fire lighting adventurer in your life.

Traditional canvas bell tents and matching awnings

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