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Putting up your bell tent

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how to put up your bell tent

One of things that we love about bell tents is how easy they are to put up. We reckon even a non experienced camper should be able to get the main tent up in about 30-40 minutes.

Having just 1 central pole means you don't have to waste time feeding poles through sleeves and once the ground sheet is pegged out the centre pole will stand on its own so 1 person can put the tent up on their own, although we recommend at least 2 to start with.

The video below gives a rough idea of the steps involved and by following the points below you should have your Cool Canvas tent up in no time

First things first, choose your location and make sure the site is clear of stones and sharp objects.
Roll out the bell tent with door facing in the desired direction.
Peg out the ground sheet through the plastic tabs using the smaller pegs.
Connect the centre pole together and insert inside the tent. Make sure the rubber foot and pad for the top are in position. The hook on the pole goes at the top.
Connect the A frame together and insert the top in the eyelet in the centre of the door making sure the plastic rain cap is on the outside. Locate the ends of the A frame in the pockets either side of the door.
Peg out the guy ropes with the larger pegs making sure the tent is tight.
Put the kettle on and relax!

It really is that easy.

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