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At the end of this season we made the decision to invest in a new website. We felt the business could  do with some fresh input and the website is always the first place to start. I knew from the start this wasn't going to be simple as i have had such a strong connection to the branding and style of the business and having built the original site myself i knew it would be difficult letting someone else re-design it. I have invested so much time and effort in the last 3 years that i didn't want someone to come along and throw it all away and start again. 

In addition to that, it was important for the site to be built on the Wordpress platform and i needed to be able to easily access the back end to add and create new content. So the challenge was set and the search began. This was actually quite an interesting process because if you put 'Web Designers in Cornwall' into Google you can imagine how many results you get. So after starting with a list of potentials of over 15, i wittled it down to 6 and sent emails to those 6. By the way, if you are a web designer reading this then i would recommend that your website is up to scratch, looks good, is finished and actually works before advdertising your services, otherwise it will be difficult for someone to entrust their website and ultimately their business with you!

After much searching we found Martin of Sanders Design After an inital email exchange we had a telephone discussion to go through the project in more detail, the brief was set, budget agreed and a timescale set. Over the next few weeks Martin set about redesigning the site and kept me in the loop at all times. After the intial design elements were agreed and the main building began we used a little interactive widget so i could look at the site before it went live and make any comments, suggestions etc... or i could note if something wasn't working. 

As it turned out there were a few gremlins that needed ironing out as is pretty much always the case with websites. I then had a bit of a learning curve to get my head around the new page builder (which i'm still getting to grips with) and finally after lots of tweaking, adjusting and adding content we went live this week.

It's been an exciting and interesting process and we are very happy with the results. Martin has done a great job of meeting the brief and delivering the website within budget and within the agreed timescale. I would definitely recommend him for any future web design jobs. 

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