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Recycled Plastic Bell Tent Mats

Recycled plastic bell tent mats offer a stylish and practical alternative to tradtional coir mats.
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Bell tent mats

Finishing your bell tent with some matting can really transform your tent from a basic camping tent to a luxury cosy pad. Many glamping companies use the coir matting which can look great, protect the groundsheet and gives the tent that 'luxury' look. The trouble is with coir it can be heavy and awkward to carry so is generally only suitable for glamping companies that are putting up large numbers of tents at a time. 
We have designed and developed an alternative to coir mats made from recycled plastic that is more practical for hobby campers that still want a bit of luxury.

POlypropylene bell tent mats

The polypropylene bell tent mats made from recycled plastic offer a very stylish and practical alternative to the traditional coir mats. The soft finish is comfortable in bare feet but being made from plastic it is easy to wipe down or even jet wash if it gets particularly dirty. We have chosen fairly neutral, muted colours and designs to compliment the tents and they can still be used with fur rugs etc...
They come in 2 sizes to fit the 4m and 5m bell tents and are supplied in 2 half moons for easy handling and fitting into the tent. To fit them we find it easier to loosen off the guy ropes so there isn't too much pressure on the central pole. Go in with 1 half moon and slide under the central pole making sure to line up the straight edge with the doorway then go in with the other half and overlap the edges by about 6 inches.

5m bell tent mats

  • The 5m mats are available in a green and beige checker design.
  • They weigh 8 kg per pair
  • Packed down size is 82cm long x 45cm wide x 13cm deep.
  • Pre season deal £160 now £144 (price is for a pair)

4m bell tent mats

  • The 4m mats are available in a blue and beige chevron design.
  • They weigh 5 kg per pair
  • Packed down size is 110cm long x 32cm wide x 8cm deep.
  • Pre season deal £140 £126 (price is for a pair)

glamping companies

The recycled plastic mats are still popular with glamping companies as they offer a lightweight alternative to coir. The fact that they can be cleaned or jet washed as well makes them a attractive solution to wet, heavy, dirty coir. We can offer great deal on multiple purchases. Have a look at our Glamping Package for some more details. 

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