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The attention is in the detail, so they say. Which is why we have spent many hours sourcing and designing a range of unique furniture, decor and lighting to compliment our tents. Many items are bespoke or upcycled to meet our needs and particular style. We are very particular about the ambience we want to create in our tents. We have found the only way to get the right vibe is to design and make our own decor. So we now have a selection of unique furniture, bunting, lights and accessories that will give a special feel for any event.
We love some of our more quirky items of decor such as the mirror tile gramophone. Perfect if you are looking for that vintage bling look. Most of our signage has been hand painted by a local artist who is even more fussy about detail than we are. Our vintage lantern festoons were created after a winter of spending far too much time trawling Ebay and we are a sucker for a Moroccan lantern.

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