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P.A. and DJ

P.A Hire Cornwall

We have been involved with events and festivals for many years so we know exactly what it takes for an event to run smoothly. We have various options when it comes to a P.A that is suitable for your event. We also work with some local suppliers for larger events. As well as the P.A option below we can also supply a stage for your band,  DJ or wedding speeches. We also have microphones and microphone stands and an extra mixer. Beacuse of link to the events industry in the South West we can recommend some bands or DJ's suited to your event.

The Mackie Thump 15A

As well as supplying the tents and decor we can also supply the P.A. We have a couple of options depending on your event. For larger parties we have our Mackie Thump 15A active speakers. Couple with the Mackie sub these pack a serious punch and will easily provide the necessary volume for use in the tents. 

The Thump 15A includes an all-new amplifier design that takes advantage of Dynamic Bass Response technology so it can deliver powerful chest-thumping low frequencies. Thanks to the fully integrated 2-channel mixer you can adjust the volume levels as you please, the mixer uses Vita+ pre-amps for a pristine sound while Wide-Z technology lets the speaker handle microphone, instrument or line signals with ease. 

The Thump 15A features a brand new enclosure that looks sleek and professional yet is highly robust, and thanks to the four carry handles can be quickly transported to and from gigs with ease. This speaker is perfect for club/bar venues, mobile DJs and entertainers, live events as well as anywhere that requires high performing speakers.

Proel V12 Free

For smaller parties we have the Proel v12 Free. The V12FREE system is a battery-powered portable sound system featuring a powerful 400W amplifier, a built-in 3-channel mixer with effect and tone controls and an advanced MP3 player with BLUETOOTH connectivity, featuring a large back-lit LCD display and able to play songs from SD card, USB MEMORY STICK or directly from your smartphone or tablet. This speaker system can be installed on standard speaker poles and the V12FREE is fitted with a luggage-style extra handle and two wheels. Incredibly simple to set-up and use , V FREE 12 loudspeaker is perfect for a wide range of applications, including parties, schools, corporate and educational presentations, seminars, gym, weddings, live music and even DJ sets.

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