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Stretch Tents for events, weddings and parties

Stretch Tents are a fully waterproof, unique and adaptable cover suitable for a variety of uses.. Their unique ability to cover awkward spaces, uneven ground and attach to buildings and other structures makes them an affordable alternative to a traditional pole marquee. If you want your event to stand out and give it the WOW factor, the stretch tent is the answer.
What makes the Stretch Tent unique is a combination of the stretch material and the way it is erected. Initially the tent is layed out and the corners pegged down. Then the poles are inserted from underneath pushing the fabric up. The poles can be placed anywhere and different lengths of poles can be used to achieve the desired space. This means the tent is very adaptable and the layout can be altered depending on the type of event and the weather conditions. If the weather is calm and sunny the sides can be placed on tall poles, if more shelter is needed the sides can be pegged right to the ground. If there is a tree right in the way of the entrance, the poles can be placed to one side.
More images and info can be found on our Stretch Tent page. We use RHI, one of the leading manufacturers in South Africa who have been making stretch tents and various spec details can be found on RHI site.

Event Packages

The following packages have been created to reflect our most popular rental enquiries. Any package can be adpated to suit your requirements, please email for full details and prices, or any specific requirements for your event.

Package 1

Suitable for a small party for approx 50 people
Tent (6x9m) 
LED lighting package 
Tables and benches for 30

Package 2

Suitable for an event for approx 70-100 people.
Tent (10x10m) 
Matting (10m2)
LED lighting package 
Tables and benches for 50

Package 3

Suitabel for an event for approx 100-150 people.
Tent (10x17.5m) 
Matting (10m2)
LED lighting package 
Tables and benches for 50

Mini Stretch Tent Stage

Suitable for events needing a small stage for bands or a DJ
Tent (5x6m) 
Stage Decking (4x3m)
Battery Powered P.A


We have provided tents for many weddings, large and small. We have a range of tents, decor and accessories depending on your needs. Our stretch tents are perfect for the main event space or as a bar or chillout lounge. The largest stretch measures 10x17.5m and our smallest tent is 5x6m. 


We can supply bell tent accomodation for weddings and events to a maximum of 50 people. We have both 4m and 5m bell tents that can be supplied with or without furnishings. Our 4m tents are ideal for couples and the 5m for goups of 3 or 4. The tents can be supplied 'dry' with just a mat then you can ask your guests to bring their own bedding or we can supply a mat, bed, decor and bedding. Or why not go for the full luxury bridal suite complete with furniture and out door fire pit? 


Over the years we have supplied tents and venues to many festivals throughout the South West. The stretch tents have been used as a bar, workshop space, pop up dining room, meeting place or as a night time venue. The Igloo Tent has been used for children's workshops, chill out lounge and a general covered space. We have also supplied bell tents for camping/glamping villages and our awnings have also been used for shelters and  market traders. Our small transportable mini stage  is suitable for bands, performers or as a DJ booth. The battery powered P.A and lighting package can be used in situations where a mains power supply is unavailable or our 240V P.A can be used when more power is needed.  Our mains P.A can deliver 2000 watts of power, which is more than enough for most events in the stretch tent. 


We have supplied tents and furniture for corporate events and local councils across Cornwall and the South West. We have comprehensive Public Liability insurance for £5,000,000 and detailed documented health and safety risk assesments including wind loading statements for all our structures.


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