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Eurostretch Tent 4.5x7.5m

£1,800.00£3,150.00 excluding VAT

Brand new for 2023, the Eurostretch tents are, as the name suggests made in Europe. The Eurostretch African B1 fabric is fully waterproof, treated with anti UV and anit fungal agents is fully fire retardant compliant with EU regulations.

For every tent sold we will donate £5 to Shelterbox


Stretch tents provide a unique and stylish alternative to a traditional marquee or gazeebo. The stretchy nature of the fabric means they are well suited to awkward spaces or uneven ground and sites with obstacles such as walls or trees.  The poles are pushed up from underneath creating smooth organic shapes reminiscent of the nomadic Berber tents from North Africa from where they got their inspiration.

The fabric is fully waterproof with heavy duty canvas lugs around the edge of the tent. Tents can also be joined together to create larger spaces and they can also take a specially designed walling system.

This listing is for a 4.5x7.5m tent. The pole and rigging set specifically for this tent is available separately. Please see below for a full rigging list based on a standard set up for this tent:


Eurostretch Tents


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