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Fire Maple Star X2

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Lightweight all in one cooking sytem from Fire Maple.

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The Star X2  from Fire Maple is an all in one cooking system designed for solo travellers or those looking to save weight when camping, hiking and exploring. The Star X2 has an integrated heat exchanger on the base of the pot which impoves heating efficiency by approx 30%. It also acts as a wind barrier, increasing boil times in harsh condidtions.

Designed to be used with any 230g butane/propane mix gas cannister (not included) It is made of lightweight anodized aluminium for durability and weighs only 600g . The gas cannister, burner unit and stand all store neatly inside the cooking pot and the handle folds on to the lid making a handy neat cooking system. The cooking pot comes with a heat proof, insulated neoprene jacket to keep the contents warm for longer and making it easier to handle.

With dimensions of just 133 x 205 mm folded only 254 x 265 mm unfolded it is a very compact handy all in one cooking system.

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