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Frontier Stove Package

£270.00 excluding VAT

Everything you will need to install a stove safely into your bell tent.

For every tent sold we will donate £5 to Shelterbox


Originally designed for the humanitarian aid world, the Frontier Stove can be fitted in tents, yurts and used outside for adventurous outdoor cooking. The Frontier Stove is eight times more efficient than an open fire, and a safe way to cook outdoors without burning the ground.

The Frontier has a long flue to transport the fumes and smoke away from the cooking area. The flue sections come apart and store inside the body of the stove, and the legs fold down for easy carrying.

The stove package comes with everything you will need to install a stove safely into your bell tent . Save 10% on the list price by buying everything together in the package.

The package includes:

  • Frontier Stove (rrp £199)
  • Flashing Kit (rrp £38)
  • Heatproof Mat rrp (£34)
  • Spark arrestor rrp (£30)
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