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The Brew Kit

£88.00 excluding VAT

For coffee and tea lovers on the go.

For every tent sold we will donate £5 to Shelterbox


The Brew Kit is designed for  hikers, campers, explorers and general outdoor adventurers.  Everything you need to make your favourite brew all contained in a tough canvas roll top bag with a waterproof base. The efficient windproof cooker from Fire Maple with a built in heat exchanger means you can have boiled water within 2-3 minutes of sitting down. The cooker has a standard threaded  screw to fit a 220g Butane/Propane mix camping gas cannister (NOT INCLUDED) The 1 ltr cooking pot  also from Fire Maple with a silicon lid and heatproof silicon handles can easily hold soup or stews as well. Included in the kit is large 750ml stainless steel drinking flask and 2 x enamel camping mugs.

The roll top canvas bag has enough space for a few essential extras like your favourite pack of biscuits, a bag of crisps or some fruit, and the waterproof PVC base means your precious cargo will stay dry. When rolled up a heavy duty buckle also doubles as a grap handle.

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Canvas roll top bag with waterproof PVC base
Mini camping stove (gas not included)
1 Ltr cooking pot
750ml stainless steel drinking flask
2 x enamel camping mugs
2 x small glass storage pots

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