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NIWA HOME 300 - USB Lamp

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The Home 300 Lamp is a USB Lamp designed to be used with the Powerpack 100+ but it can be also used as a stand alone USB light. It's easily powered from any USB socket found in many other products such as laptop, computer, phone charger, power bank etc making this a really flexible lighting solution.

The lamp has a huge 300 lumens light output and can be adjusted by the innovative slider switch. The switch can be mounted to the wall and used to roll up and store excess of the 4 meters of the supplied cable.

The lamp has 4 lighting modes starting at 20 lumens and going up to a massive 300 lumens.

The NIWA Home 300 Lamp has a quick-fix strap to hang for secure placement and is dustproof and waterproof

Powered directly from any USB output device or from our portable powerpack.

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Weight 0.69 kg
Dimensions 29 × 29 × 13 cm

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