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4m Bell Tent Flash Sale

Flash Sale For 1 week only the 4m bell tent has a massive price drop of £50!!! Until the 9th July it is only £380. You have just 1 week to get your hands on a quality bell tent for a bargain price. Our 4m bell tents

Glamping tents

Glamping Tent Package

Our Glamping Tent Package has been put together specifically for businesses that wish to hire out bell tents for camping and glamping. Glamping has seen a surge in recent years but many people are still unsure what exactly is Glamping? Basically Glamping is luxury or posh

Discount bell tents

Discount Bell Tents

It's a new year and a new start and our 2019 stock is on it's way. We like to keep our tents fresh and up to date so we have some discount bell tents from 2018 that need a loving home. If you think you

Canvas Bell Tents

4m Bell Tent

So, we are in the middle of the hottest summer i can remember and everyone has gone camping crazy, including myself! As such we have now sold out of our 5m tents but fear not we still have plenty of 4m tent bell tents left.  The


Camping Off Grid

Although camping is all about getting back to nature you can guarantee most people will need some source of power on a typcal weekend away. For a family of 4 that usually means at least 2 smart phones and possibly an Ipad/tablet or other USB


4m Bell Tent

The 4m bell tent is our most versatile and popular bell tent. Perfect for small families or couples who want a bit more room. The centre poles stands at 2.5m and the 4m diameter footprint provides space for at least 6-8 people on sleeping mats.

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Winter Prices Ending

After all these beasts from the East recently we had forgotten that Spring has srpung and summer is just around the corner. Our winter price deal will be ending on the 26th March so there are just 6 days to get your discounted bell tent

Cool Canvas Cornwall

Glamping in Cornwall

If you are looking to go Glamping in Cornwall then you have many options open to you but first lets clear up this modern phrase of 'Glamping'.  What is Glamping I personally have a little bit of a love hate relationship with the word. In its broadest


Bell tent stoves

If you like a little luxury when your camping or you are planning a winter adventure then a wood burning stove will transform your tent into a cosy warm shelter. There are a few tent stoves on the market and after a bit of research