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The Igloo Tent

bespoke canvas tent

The Igloo Tent takes it influences from nomadic tents from around the world. From the central 3m high pole, the tough weatherproof canvas extends down to the floor in a series of eight giant curves. Wraparound wall panels can be added to suit various weather conditions or to create different environments making a snug, sheltered 6m diameter floor space. In the past it has been used as a workshop space, cocktail bar, reception area, wedding tent or just as extra covered shelter for outdoor events. Filled with our hand made furniture and upcycled decor it can be transformed into a chill out lounge. By day leave the walls off and use the space as a social focus to gather and shelter from the elements (rain or sun!). Attach the walls, plump the cushions and light the lanterns and you have a cosy night time snug.

technical details

The Igloo measures approx 9m from point to point and with the walls in place it creates a 6m diameter space.The centre pole is 3m high and the standard side poles are 1.4m high although we also have 2m high walls. It has been specially designed so you have standing room in the middle of the tent and seating round the edges. We usually say 20-40 people is a good number to create an atmosphere without being too cramped, but is has been known to squeeze 50+ people. The tent will need a 13m x 11m space to allow for pegs and access.


The tent can be used as a stand alone venue such as a chill out lounge or covered shelter. For bigger events it can be used with other structures like a marquee. It won’t join seamlessly to another marquee but it will butt up closely. To make a larger, completely covered venue we can use the stretch tent. When used with the stretch tent it creates a covered space suitable for approx 80-100 people. For larger events we have extra tables, benches and lighting. We also have a cocktail bar and a P.A for a DJ or band.

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