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Wedding Tent Hire Cornwall

Everyone loves a good wedding and so do we
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wedding tent hire cornwall

Everyone loves a good wedding right? Well so do we. It's great seeing the  tent go up and the decorations going in. There are usually a few friends and family around and you can sense the excitement for the following day. When everything is finished, bunting up, lights in place, flowers in their place and ready to hand over it is great to see the bride and grooms face as they take in the space and how it will all work on the big day itself.
We usually arrive the day before the wedding to keep stress levels to a minimum, both for us and the bride and groom! Depending on the tent and set up it can take us most of the day to get everything right. We have been known to work into the night to make sure it's all ready to go the next day. 

the stretch tent

The stretch tent is our main rental tent for weddings. We have several options available. The 10x10 is the most common size but we also have a 6x8 and we can join two 10x10's together or join the 6x8 to the 10x10 That is the great thing with stretch tents, thier flexibility. They are great at going into awkward spaces or uneven ground and they can also be attached to the side of buildings.

indian wedding tent

If you are looking for a touch of exoctic glamour then the Indian Wedding tent certainly fits the bill. Handmade in Jhodpur form a family with a long history of tent making. It's the detail that makes the difference with this tent. Gold tassles, embroidered valance, hand printed silk cotton lining with gold stars and soft billowing curtains make this a very pretty tent indeed. The steel frame is self supporting so no central pole which makes a very useable space. It measures 6m in diameter with 7ft wall poles making it very accessible.

the igloo tent

The Igloo Tent was actually our first rental tent which we designed and had made to our specification so we have a soft spot for the Igloo Tent. If you are looking for something different the Igloo is a one off. It measures 9m from point to point and with the walls attached it creates a 6m diameter space. The poles are roundwood chestnut so you still have the natural curves and knots that gives it a bit of character. It is perfect for use as a chill out lounge or family tent.
If you are interested in any of the tents above for your wedding please send us an email at or fill in the contact form. We have a range of furniture and lighting to compliment the tents and we are very flexible with set ups so don't be afraid to ask.

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